HHO advantages

HHO, Hydroxy gas, is an environmentaly friendly fuel, non poluting, with a low temperature ignition point, and returns to water when combusted. HHO gas by weight has 3 times the explosive power than gasoline. For this reason it is unstable and not safe to store (when mixed with oxygen), for this reason we produce it on demand. But HHO is MUCH safer than gasoline, gas when spilled is heavier than air and will collect at lower areas. HHO gas is lighter than air, and when "spilled" will dissipate very rapidly in the atmosphere, without poluting, chemicals or toxins.

When installed in an automobile, the HHO gas mixes with the gasoline "injected" and gives a more complete and efficient combustion in the cylinder, while lowering the amount of CO2 and other toxic gases produced. Each different type of engine will give varied results, depending on the shape of the piston and head, and 4 to 8 cylinder. Some engines use the HHO more efficiently. If the gasoline were not injected, but "vaporized" before entering the cylinder, we would increase gas mileage 4 - 5 fold. Then if we wre to add hydrogen  .....  ?  (we are working on that one).

References Validating HHO Technology


The advantage of our HHO cell design over others:

  • Round gasket design - no corners for the electrolite to collect, overheat, and solids to build up. The gas naturally flows around and up to the top opening and flows out.
  • Extended plate design for additional cooling, just in case one decides to power this to the maximum.
  • EPDM 3/8" round gaskets, to withstand the most nasty cuastic if necessary.
  • 5/16" brass electrical connections, brass conducts electricity best, and stays cool, (stainless steel is actually a resistor).
  • More than a year in purchasing, fabricating, and testing the best and most efficient designs in out shop, each of us with mechanical and engineering backgrounds.
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