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Ever since we can remember, most of us think we must drive to the gas station to fill up. well, this is not true for a few of us. There are many options out there beside gasoline or diesel.

One alternative to fossil fuels is WVO. Waste vegetable oil, this "fuel" is FREE. Most restaurants are glad to give it to you, instead of them paying to get rid of it, Recently, companies have begun buying it from restaurants for about 17 cents per gallon now that they have discovered it's value. Any older diesel car or truck, before computized injection systems (ci. 1990) , will run just as well as on any type of vegetable oil (used or new), as on petrol based diesel fuel.

"How can that be?," you ask, "I thought we needed to go fill up at the pump with diesel fuel !!!" Well, in the early 1900's, Rudolf Diesel invented the Diesel engine using peanut oil as fuel. His intention was to NOT to use that nasty crude oil ..... We forgot all about the peanut oil after petroleum based diesel fuel became abundant and cheap. Now that petroleum prices have soared, it's time to rediscover vegetable based fuel sources.

I have been driving on WVO for the past 4 years, people drive up next to me and ask what the hell I am burning in my enging, cause it smells so good ! In the summer, when it is warm outside, all you need to do is yank out the wantons and the calamari from the used oil, (and probably a good idea to strain it also) and pour it into your gas tank. Yep, dats it. Then drive around town. There are no conversions necessary, ..... untill you get to winter.

This is where a conversion kit may be useful, where you have a separate fuel tank, pump, lines, heater, valves, etc... You start off with diesel until your car warms up, then switch to vegetable oil, then switch back just before you return to purge the system so it is easy to start up again. Installed, this system is averages $1,400 installed. What I have been doing is 100% WVO summer, fall, spring, and dilute with 25% diesel in the winter months, depending on how severely cold it becomes. NOTE: You DO NOT want to use "Mc-Waste Oil", this will gum up your system (I think they use some sort of fat) just like it gums up your insides when you eat that stuff. (they may have changed what they fry with since the new laws came out, I'm not sure). If we used Mc-Waste Oil, then 86% of our automobiles in the US would be overweight.

The best automobile to use for WVO is a Mercedes 300 D or SD or TD or CD or one of the D's from 1978 - 85, these cars havo no computers; they are entirely mechanically injected workhorses that are easy to work on, maintain. The parts are readily available and inexpensive. The parts are also made in Germany, (not you-know-where). My 300TD has 270,000 miles and is like new, (well... almost).

WVO could also run a diesel generator, if you are looking to save a little on your electric bill. Below is an easy and inexpensive way I devised to filter vegetable oil.

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For a complete treatment on the subject of bio-fuel or syngas, please see our book by depressing this link titled, "Essential Guide to Conserving Fuel in Motor Vehicles". Last, another alternative is bio-fuel made from vegetable oil:

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