Book - Essential Guide to Conserving Fuel in Motor Vehicles



The Essential Guide to Conserving Fuel in Motor Vehicles is a complete briefing on green technologies for every entrepreneur, decision maker, and technical vehicle professional. Adjunct Professor and leading green technology developer R. Scott Lewis covers every aspect of deploying green technologies, from service delivery to service support, tools, DIY kit, and financing.

Lewis presents in-depth coverage of state-of-the-art motor vehicle technologies such as hydrogen generators, electrolyzers, fuel heaters, greenhouse gas sensors, oil additives, and electrical components for energy conservation. Coverage includes:

  • Installation and maintenance methods and procedures for a conserve fuel kit
  • Ten (10) step quality process to energy conservation for commercial motor vehicles
  • Useful information on the hydrogen economy including fuel cells, hydrogen storage, generating electricity
  • Minimizing fossil fuel consumption and maximizing vehicle performance
  • Facts about hydrogen and HHO includes standards and tables
  • The new role of electrolyzers in motor vehicles
  • Driving tips when coupled with a potentiometer in lieu of an oxygen sensor
  • The hot spots of friction in motor vehicles

If you’re responsible for next-generation green technologies for fleets of motor vehicles, this book will increase your effectiveness- and reduce your risks – at every stage of the green project lifecycle.


“Mr. Lewis’ book is the only book that really merges the world of hydrogen, HHO, and fossil fuels together in a cohesive manor that yields fuel savings.”
Richard Saponiero
Owner of Payless Auto Repairs

“With these extraordinary descriptions of the HHO kit and motor vehicle retrofit installation, Scott makes it easy for you to save as much as a $1.00 per gallon on gasoline using E85 (ethanol) and water.”
Dominic R.
Blue Point, NY


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