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Saving with Fuelcells Short Presentation

by Scott Lewis, 17 APR 2012

This short clip is used to illustrate how much money you can save moving a typical house (one that consumes 5KW per hour) off the grid and onto fuelcells given various price points of Natural Gas expressed in therms.

For the video, depress this title, "SAVING WITH FUELCELLS PRESENTATION"


Southampton NY Green Homes Program Financing Case for Trouble

by Scott Lewis, 16 APR 2012
Our ladies in the Southampton Gov't have kicked off their Green Homes Program as we hit record hot weather.
It could not of come soon enough.
Now for some straight talk, we have a criminal investigation going on into rebates (See 

LIPA went from giving the bulbs away to some kind of wacky rebate - watchout

by Scott Lewis, 14 APR 2012

Careful with this offer from LIPA (See figure below*), what they don't tell you is that their contract binds you to them for twenty years. I know this to be true from the solar panel contracts.

Taking them up on this offer, in my humble opinion,  would be a silly thing to do for the following reasons: 

  • They get their...

RED ALERT - Your immediate attention to Fukushima Situation

by Scott Lewis, 9 APR 2012

Tell your neighbors and everyone you know, to contact your local officials that we are all in danger from the Fukushima Power plant.

For details, depress this button "


Support Sea Scout Ship 908

By Scott Lewis, 05 APR 12

Support is coming from Old Town Lodge 908

Southampton, NY 11968

The ship's sails are under repair.

For complete details on the ITM North Sea Cup, depress this button "SEA SCOUT ACTIVITY".

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