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The Joke is on Us: Maverick Democrats will Drag LIPA and the Government Back to Court to Seek a Jury to Order LIPA Elections

By Scott Lewis and Greg Fischer, 27 NOV 12

Islip, NY --- How might a jury of Long Islanders rule if asked to order LIPA transparency? 

Might the jury pool still remember the cold nights, spoiling food, sick children, closed businesses, and other mayhem tied to LIPA failures?  Much of their injury actually resulted from the need to deploy emergency responders to tend to what were clearly preventable outages and fallen wires that were negligently caused by LIPA’s political hacks and overpaid phone-in...


The Red Coats are at It Again

By Scott Lewis, 24 NOV 2012

History has repeated itself when it comes to foreign countries grabbing property from Long Island, among other places in America.

To prove it, I took a photo of the tablet (See attached) located in Southampton, NY very own St. Andrews Church of England. It explains the land grab that took place in 1640. However, roles in the tablet are reversed perhaps intentionally. The English started the grab and the Dutch...


Video Broadcast of the Resolution to Support the Public Election of LIPA Trustees

Town of Southampton, NY, response to the resolution to elect the trustees of the Long Island

Watch the Town of Southampton response, by depressing this button <RESPONSE>


Did NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Blow a Fuse?

Long Island Voters Say "Consent to LIPA Trustee Elections"

Hauppauge, NY --- The light at the end of the tunnel has not been turned off yet.  The suit to force the election of LIPA Trustees filed in Federal Court.  Three maverick Democrats allege the removal of voter’s rights violated numerous state and federal laws.

The effort is taking its toll on both the Governor and what is left of the shrinking...


Will Attorney General Prosecute or Aid and Abet Crime At LIPA

By Scott Lewis and Greg Fischer, 12 OCT 12

New York, NY --- There is a rumor that NYS Attorney General (AG) Eric Schneiderman is missing.  Has anyone checked the pockets of the fake LIPA Trustees (who are still calling the shots although their terms are expired)?

Does the trail of LIPA corruption lead from Long Island to Albany?  More capers, malfeasances and torts have been revealed in the suit...

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