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PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release: April 22, 2013


Does your power utility share your environmental, political, and social commitments? 

Not unless the utility executives share the same paper proclamations and treaties you do.


by Scott Lewis

Southampton, NY --- Earth Day provocation 2013: it is said that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Take that principal one step further by embracing nature preservation.

The Long Island Power Authority still relies on burning coal, oil, fracking for natural gas, and with gratitude no longer is licensed to operate an unsafe nuclear power...


PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release: March 15, 2013


Will somebody please buy Governor Cuomo's proposed illegal LIPA monopoly?

by Greg Fischer and Scott Lewis 

Albany, NY --- Governor Andrew Cuomo is still pushing for the privatization of LIPA --- one problem however, the offer is a FRAUD!

Selling a “monopoly” that has used monopoly power, has forced illegal tying...


How long does it take a U.S. Federal Court to know that there is something wrong? 

At least as long as they know a criminally complicit media outlet protects them.

by Scott Lewis and Greg Fischer, 3 FEB 13

Islip, NY --- When a Long Island Court House is being used to protect a company like the Long Island Power Authority (“LIPA”) rather than the...


Federal Judge Joanna Seybert Conflicted in LIPA Trustee Case

By Greg Fischer and Scott Lewis, 16 JAN 2013


Islip, NY --- Why is Federal Judge Joanna Seybert presiding over a suit by maverick ratepayers to demand elected LIPA Trustees? The conflict is one of the litigants has been suing her since 2006.  This breach of judicial ethics is being done with impunity and hubris...


Long Island Power Authority Wags the Watchdog

 by Scott Lewis and Greg Fischer, 15 JAN 13

New York, NY --- The recently proposed government proposed “cure all” for LIPA is all spin.  Based on the Moreland Panel, which Governor Andrew Cuomo authorized, the Governor represented that Public Service Commission (“PSC”) oversight and authority over LIPA would be a cure all. NONSENSE!  Worse, the...

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