Critique of 2nd Annual South Fork Renewable Energy Forum

By Scott Lewis, EAST HAMPTON, NY — Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Gordian Raacke, Founder of the Organization, turned over the forum to James Gallagher, NYS Smart Grid Consortium and Former banker. James turned it over to Mr. Tom Falcone, LIPA CEO, & LIPA Integrate Resource Planner. Tom touted how great PSEG was doing for L.I. Tom claimed they made a $2.8 Billion investment into new infrastructure, which makes it harder for the towns to start their own municipalities. The reason the poles were paid off already (aka. poison pill of debt). Tom claimed he was hardening the system without providing proof. You can decide for yourself. By the way, the same day, Senator LaValle announced by way of email an investigation into salaries of LIPA and PSEG, since their salaries are a mystery.

Greg Matzat, NYSERDA, New York Offshore Wind Master Planner, touted enough offshore wind to power 1.25 million homes but left out the fact that the monies for the work left Long Island instead benefited Rhode Island, and General Electric (GE). GE invented the electric meter; good choice if you work for GE and live in RI. Long Islanders are conscious unlike these officials. We understand that we live in a universe of abundant energy thus the people want free electricity from the creator without meters. This is the goal. No other will do.

Lynn Arthur, another panelist and Southampton Tri-Energy Program Consultative Director touted how great the renewable energy from the Town’s program went for her, of course, she would, and she received a contract from the Town. In addition, she quantified the effect of changing the bulbs and thermostat to make a difference in her bill. Nice perk. She then added an expensive Solar Panel system. What she neglected explaining is that she now has two electric meters rather than none (Please see how this ties into the previous paragraph).

Jennifer Garvey, Assoc. Director of Deepwater Wind, touted 90MW wind farm 30 miles east of LI’s South Fork. She claimed it would defer construction of fossil-fired generation in East Hampton. The operative word is deferring since she may know the wind will not address the peak power issue, which occurs periodically on hot sunny days when the wind is not blowing; in fact, ask any native on the East End and they will tell you the steady wind event begins in the fall and not in the summer. Could this be another bridge to nowhere? There was no discussion on electric storage or on how it would address peak load worthy of anything.

Last, Julia Bovey, former NYS Dept. Public Service, of JBS Strategies touted how great Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and microgrids work, when it was her duty to analyze the others. Clearly, the Empire State is dysfunctional and needs https://www.facebook.com/LipaOversightForReal.

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