LETTER TO EDITOR: Clean Water Proposition: a Brown Tide or Fountain of Youth?

By Scott Lewis, SOUTHAMPTON, NY — Friday December 9, 2016

On election night ‘16, at the IBEW Hall in Hauppauge, Mr. Scott Lewis, Inventor, and Mr. Tom Simko, Alternative Fuel Expert, made the acquaintance of Ms. Jennifer Garvey, the Town of Southampton’s newly appointed Clean Water Technology Stony Brook University Associate Director. It was at this moment the clean water proposition was approved and Mr. Lewis decided to resurrect his water cleaning invention from 2009 titled, HAZMAT Electrolyzer. What this product does is converts urine into rocket fuel. Yes, you read that correctly, rocket fuel. However, the product has a novel purpose as well, such as it prevents urine and heavy metals from entering the water table. By vaporizing the urine, it returns the nitrogen back into the atmosphere rather than letting it escape into our bays and estuaries to create a toxic brown tide.

Mr. Lewis wants to industrialize this product since the funds were approved and set the clean water movement on the right course with a tangible goal and metrics.

In addition, the government doesn’t have the invention to back up the goal. The university may have the scientists; however, believing in scientists just because he/she is a scientist isn’t science. It’s a religion and a religion without a moral compass at that!

Consequently, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Eugene Lafurno, HVAC expert, approached our government (i.e. Small Business Development Center, 26 NOV 16 and, later the Stony Brook Incubator, 9 DEC 16). Their response was the exact opposite of what the community would expect and wants to create. For example, when asked about financial assistance, their response was you have to pay. When asked for a chemist, they said we had to provide one. In other words if we said white they said black. Rather than offer local funding we were directed to a website to pursue federal funding, which is the topic for another press release involving the US Office of Inspector General.

In Mr. Lewis’s humble opinion, “we have to put a stop to [a world of treachery and torment, a world of trampling and being trampled upon, a world which will grow not less but more merciless as it refines itself. Progress in our world will be progress toward more pain[1]] and pollution”. Penguins rather than Seawolves for mascots would be apropos.

Mr. Lewis, inventor energy expert, with NY Senate Candidate (Greg Fischer), along with a union president, and an attorney --- and growing; continue to strive for more truths by way of election law for JUSTICE, and to create elected oversight of LIPA in order to open the door to free enterprise.


For press contact and 46 PRIOR RELEASES: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 888 653 6204(Ver 1.2)

[1] HG Wells


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