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Insurance Description

We are first and foremost an engineering company. We design, manufacture and install a guaranteed energy savings project. We also underwrite that project with a third party insurer (currently Lloyds of London) to make sure you will obtain your payback period. Typically, our competition manufactures one or two different technologies that they must fit to your application. They may not have the pedigree that we have or the experience. We are not locked into a particular technology. If your facility demands a special design then we will have it made.

We take a systems approach to your electrical distribution system and apply technologies that maximize your savings while minimizing your expense. Other companies just do not have the breadth of technologies to offer this option.

We take a passive technology approach to your overall system. Namely, we use technologies that you will not have to maintain or receive special training on. We have spent years developing our arsenal of passive solutions to bring our customers savings without the additional lifecycle costs and training of our competitors.

Energy Project Assurance Corporation

EASI owns a subsidiary corporation named Energy Project Assurance Corporation (EPAC) that administers an insured savings guarantee program for EASI's energy projects. The guarantee is backed by an insurance policy underwritten by Lloyd's of London. Fee's collected from Affiliates (i.e. ITM Corp) are settled with the insurance company by EPAC to effectuate coverage under the policy.

The insurance carrier conducts audits to ensure compliance. Part of the underwriting guidelines for this program is that all EASI projects will be enrolled in the program; the only 2 limited and documented exceptions are:

  1. A verified add-on order to a previously sold and installed job.
  2. An order accompanied by a properly executed waiver form.

The program guarantees a project will pay for itself from accrued savings over a period of time. That period of time is the guaranteed payback (desired payback + 6 months = guaranteed payback). For example: A project with a guaranteed payback period of36 months and proposed savings of 14% should receive 14% savings on their energy bill each month in order to obtain the projected payback within the "guarantee" period of 42 months.

In the event a client is not obtaining the savings after their installation has been completed, they are required to report this notice of shortfall to EPAC within 90 days of the completion date of the project. This gives EASI, EPAC, and its authorized Affiliate the opportunity to investigate and correct any problems.

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