Specials for Beating Inflation

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Order NOW, with a friend, the "Essential Guide to Conserving Fuel in Motor Vehicles" and receive the "Wireless PC-Based Services" book for free. Just provide us their email and you are good to go with this special!


Motor vehicle efficiency kit: $25.00 off

Efficiency and generator accounts: $75.00 off

Spot replacements on appliances we identify during a survey: $25.00 off

NOTE: It will help finance your own projects

Electricity accounts

When we incur the upfront costs and are repaid via a charge card.

14000 kWh electricity usage per year (i.e. typical residential): $75.00 off

10000 kWh or more usage per month (i.e. commercial): $100.00 off

Customers must be credit qualified and on automatic metering before credit is applied to your account!

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