As Is Costs

Opportunity Lost or Total Cost of Ownership

According to the US Dept. of Energy your "as is" costs without our latest technologies applied are shown in the diagram below. Double the cost in city areas (i.e. Long Island). The point is your fixed costs are not so fixed!

Residential Figure. Cost per year to run your appliances

NOTE: The diagram is also useful to see how much electricity is consumed per year. 


Residential program benefits

We have two programs that you can benefit from:


Efficiency programs are gauranteed to save you 10%-30% on your electric bill. This will lower your cost of ownership. It will allow you to afford more home for the dollar. To understand how you can become energy independent, depress this button titled, "FREEDOM".


Renewable electricity and local power generation can save you as much as 60% on your energy costs. The ConserveElectricity program makes a GeneratePower program nearly ten times more cost effective.

What kind of investment is energy efficiency?

Fixed annuity, our technologies deliver a gauranteed amount of return. Solar panels would be considered a variable annuity since the sun does not always shine. We believe efficiency projects are better since they are more predictable.

For more information

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For more information on Commercial program

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