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16P8 Hydro-Assist HHO CellCustom Hydrolysis Unit

21P8 Hydro-Assist HHO Cell
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21P8 Hydro-Assist HHO Cell

Price per Unit (piece): $580.00

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Designed for truck engines (4.0L to 7.0L)

Electroylis unit produces atomic hydrogen and oxygen from water. Gas also known as:

  • HHO
  • Hydroxy Gas
  • Brown's Gas


  • 1L hydroxy gas per 15 amps at 12 volts DC.
  • Typical applications produce 1 to 2 liters per minute.
  • 6L per minute max HHO output.
HHO cell installed in car


  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Plates - efficient hydrolysis over long product life.
  • Sturdy Corrosion Proof Polyethylene End Plates - durability for long product life.
  • Custom Cut EPDM Gaskets - thin gaskets allow for more efficient gas production. Flat design for leak proof seal
  • Brass electrical connectors - for efficient electical conduction and corrosion resistance
  • Corrosion proof nylon connectors - durable trouble free service over long product life.


  • 21 Plate, 4 neutrals between positives
  • 316L Stainless Steel Plates
  • Solid Bronze 5/16" Electrical Connector Bolts
  • 6.25" Dia. Reaction Surface
  • 30 sq in / Plate,  1200 sq in total reaction surface
  • 15 amps per liter of HHO gas
  • 8" x 8" Plate
  • 8 3/8" Overall x 2 ½" Deep
  • EPDM Gaskets, w/ 0.05" Spacing


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