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Alternative Fuels Now Hydro-Assist HHO generator cells

Hydro-Assist HHO Cellsare carefully constructed in the United States from quality materials. The design is the result of years of testing. These hydrogen generator cells are durable and efficient. They will give many years of reliable service and efficiently produce HHO gas with minimal power draw. Here's why:

  1. Optimal plate gap - reducing the plate gap reduces the power dissipation but can inhibit gas evacuation. By balancing the two requirements, we've achieved a cell design that allows for efficient electrolysis with reduced power draw and unrestricted HHO gas evacuation.
  2. Flat gaskets - our die cut EPDM gaskets provide a leak proof seal, are resistant to deterioration, and are of optimal thickness to provide the correct plate gap for efficient electrolysis. This is a significant advantage over the common O-ring gasket design.
  3. Round chamber - our die cut EPDM gasket has a round cutout for the electrolysis chamber that ensures that the generated HHO gas evacuates efficiently from the chamber as it is produced. Square reaction chambers tend to build up gas at the corners, leading to precipitation of the electrolyte. Electrolyte precipitation can result in less efficient electrolysis since the solution will no longer have the correct electolyte concentration and also because the reaction surface will be reduced. Square reaction chambers tend to heat up and produce steam instead of hydroxy gas, require disassembly for maintenance, and may eventually get damaged if not maintained.
  4. Cooling fins - The plates on the Hydro-Assist HHO Cells extend past the gasket edge and server to cool the units. All hydrolysis cells will heat up and unless the heat has another way to dissipate, will start to produce steam as the electrolyte boils away. Boiling electrolyte reduces the reaction surface area and leads to less efficient production of Hydroxy gas. Our self cooling design eliminates the risk of plate damaging heat and inefficient hydrolysis. It also reduces the frequency with which you have to replenish the water in the electrolyte since you are not losing it to steam production.

Choose the Hydro-Assist HHO Cell that is right for you:

For cars and light trucks  (4 - 8 cyl / 1.8 - 5.0 L): Hydro-Assist 16p8
For trucks (6 - 8 cyl / 4.0 - 6.0 L):: Hydro-Assist 21p8

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16P8 Hydro-Assist HHO Cell

Small automotive hydrolysis unit designed for small vehicle engines (1.8L to 3.0L).
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21P8 Hydro-Assist HHO Cell

Large automotive hydrolysis unit designed for medium & large vehicle engines (3.5L to 6.0L).
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Custom Hydrolysis Unit

Custom hydrolysis units built to specification for special size or output needs.
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Product Installation for Hydro-Assist HHO Cell

Vehicle installation of Hydro-Assist HHO generator. Labor cost only. HHO cell and installation kit not included.
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