The MultiLiner - New Product Announcement

Variable Power Correction Systemmultiliner

Energy efficiency is the "fifth fuel,” said retired Senator Timothy Wirth, who was a key author of the 1990 cap-and-trade program for sulfur.

Features and Benefits:

  • Extends the life of motors and equipment
  • Improves facility voltage
  • Increases electrical capacity
  • Cools overheated lines, panels and switchgear
  • Lowers KWh consumption & demand
  • Improves facility power factor
  • Eliminates power factor penalties
  • Is completely automatic
  • Requires no user adjustment

The MultiLiner is designed to provide automatically scaling reactive correction to loads of varying reactive power demand, or to small groups of loads with unpredictable reactive power demand.

The MultiLiner's automatic sensing circuitry constantly monitors the power usage of the connected circuit, and switches its different levels of correction in and out to match the changing load conditions.

MultiLiner is a line of low voltage, multiple correction step, automatic switching reactive power correction assemblies. The MultiLiner is our product solution for gaining cost effective savings on groups of loads unpredictably used, or that switch on and off in irregular patterns.

We manufactures a complete range of 3-phase MultiLiner products, in ratings for either 50 HP or 100 HP average group loads in voltage ranges of 200-240V 50 or 60 Hz, 380-440V 50 Hz, 440-480V 60 Hz, or 600V 60 Hz.

ANOTHER ANNOUNCEMENT: Commercial Heat Exchanger added to the Product Line

17 April 2012

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